A6 Production House Will Be Known For Quality Says producer Anju Dhingra


Producer Anju Dhingra, who is gearing up for the release of ‘Is She Raju?’ says she wants her home production, A 6, to be known for quality production and the forthcoming slice of life drama is just a humble step in that direction.
Anju Dhingra was interacting with the media to promote ‘Is She Raju?’ on Monday in Mumbai.
Talking about her company A6 Productions, Anju Dhingra said, “Bollywood Industry has some very good productions houses, I want my company, A 6, to be among names which are known for Quality production. I got a good team; we’re passionate and hardworking, experienced and creative people striving to make better content with each release. Forthcoming Is She Raju? is a humble step in that direction. I don’t believe in competing but strive to improve myself with each release”
Talking about the journey that led to ‘Is She Raju?’ she said, “We started our production by producing a short film and in that process, we made a good team then, we thought we must do something bigger in terms of production. I really liked the concept of this film so, we all decided to produce this film”
The situational comic caper revolving around young people, ‘Is She Raju?’ stars Ansh Gupta, Aditi Bhagat, Yashpal Saini and Saurabh Sharma in the lead roles.
Talking about the film, Anju said, “This film revolves around today’s young generation. It’s basically a romantic-comedy film. We have worked really hard to make this film and I think we have made a good film. People have liked trailer and songs of the film so, I am sure that especially youngsters are going to appreciate this film.”
The film is directed by Rahul Kumar Shukla and produced by Anju Dhingra under the banner of A6 Productions.
Talking about her upcoming projects, Dhingra said, “We have already started working on our next film and apart from that, we are also planning to make the sequel of ‘Is She Raju?’ so, in the coming period, we are busy working on few scripts and projects.”
‘Is She Raju?’ is releasing on 8 March 2019.


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