Congress leader Anand Sharma threatens CBI


Congress leader Anand Sharma, on Friday, warned the bureaucrats that they should not exceed their briefs as governments do not have any permanency and that there are a few weeks left for the general elections to begin. Addressing a press conference hours after CBI raided the residence of former Haryana chief minister BS Hooda Sharma said that the actions are being carried out as the government is rattled and the Prime Minister is staring at an imminent defeat.

We are warning and cautioning all concerned. Not to exceed their brief or take any action outside the ambit of the law of the land in furtherance of the government’s sinister agenda. All officials must hear this. The governments do not have any permanency. There are few weeks left for the general elections to begin. It is certain this govt is rattled, Prime Minister is staring at an imminent defeat, that’s why these actions,Sharma said.

When the new govt resumes office all such actions which have been at the behest of the political masters of today to harass intimidate, frame and defame even the charges, they will be held to account and they will have to answer Sharma said in what was being viewed as a direct threat to babus. Shortly before, while addressing a gathering in Odisha, Congress president Rahul Gandhi alleged that the Officers on Special Duty in South and North Blocks were appointed by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Earlier today, the CBI raided the residences of Hood in connection with irregularities in land allotment cases in Gurugram


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